Give your pet the respect and loyalty after death that they gave you in life.

Pets are family. Sometimes, better than family. They love us more than we love ourselves. They wait for our return home, protect and entertain us, and give us unconditional love.

As members of our family, pets deserve the respect and heartfelt care when their time has come to an end.

We love and care for many kinds of animals and believe they deserve the same dignity and respect of any other family member. May it be a dog, cat, bird, or small farm animal, we are here to help you say goodbye to your faithful friend.

Our private pet cremation service includes local removal during business hours, crematory fee, complimentary wooden urn, cremation certificate, and delivery of the cremated remains back to you or your veterinarian's office.

                    Our Price List

    Pets That Weigh 1-15 lbs        $165
    Pets That Weigh 16-45lbs       $195
    Pets That Weigh 46-70lbs       $235 
    Pets That Weigh 71-90lbs       $265
    Pets That Weigh 91-150lbs     $285
    Pets That Weigh 151-300lbs   $315
    Pets Weighing Over 300lbs*   $315
       *Plus $1 Per lb for each lb over.

To arrange for a pet cremation, please contact the cremation center by calling 410-228-2645 or 410-822-2546.  Pet owners are welcome to bring their pet directly to our facility.  Please call us to schedule an appointment.

            Prices subject to change without notice.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anatole France

Complimentary Wooden Urn

Optional Items Available

Engraved Name Plate
Name Only  $25
Name With Dates   $35

Upgraded Urns
Lawn Markers
Keepsake Jewelry

Home Removal Costs:
After Normal Business Hours
(Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5:00)

Saturday & Sunday

Beyond 25 Miles To Be Quoted

We will pick up from your local veterinarian during our regular office hours for no additional charge.